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The President’s speech- Every new session of parliament opens up with the speech of the President. The president uses his speech to spell out the broader policies as well as activities of the executives in the near and medium-term future. This speech is then debated by parliament. MPs get a chance to criticize the executive activities.

Discussion on budget: – general discussion on budget takes place after the Finance Minister presents his budget statement before parliament. During this time, members can express their displeasure on the administration of various departments.

Question hour– This is a powerful technique of legislative control over the executive. During parliamentary sessions, every day starts with the question hour. That is, the first hour of the day is set aside for questions and answers. MPs present written questions to government.

Adjournment Motions

The adjournment motion are used to draw the attention of government to the questions of urgent nature and of public importance such as earthquakes and floods. The instrument of adjournment motion is used towards this end.

The members of Parliament get a chance to criticize the executive on their actions. The adjournment motion is therefore used as an effective tool for the day-to-day control of executive.

Censure Motion

 Censure motion means having of Vote of No-Confidence. The Members of Parliament (MPs) have the right to move the Vote of No-Confidence in order to express the total disapproval of the policy of the government or the part of it. In case of an advert vote the government has to resign.

Debates on legislation

The bills passes through various stages before they are enacted by parliament. There are various readings of the Bill to provide an opportunity to the members of Parliament to criticize the entire policy underlying the bill.

Parliamentary Committees


The Office of Controller and Auditor General audits all the government accounts to ensure that the money granted by parliament have been used for the stated purpose and the amount has not exceeded without sanction of the supplementary grant by the parliament and the expenditure confirms to the rules.

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