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Malware Attacks Spread like Wild Fire 

Currently, there is a malware attack that has brought to a standstill most hospitals in the United Kingdom.

It has made it impossible for those hospitals to access their computer systems and hence had to cancel all appointments. Majority of patients are turned away apart from those who need emergency services.

Pictures of the computers at the hospitals showing computer screens of NHS with messages derived from the malware attack. The architects of the virus were demanding a ransom of USD$300 to be paid in form of bitcoins.

As a protective measure, hospitals in United Kingdom (UK) have shut down their computer systems. The NHS Digital which is in charge of the booking system has reported that the patient data has not been compromised.

The National Health Service of UK provides free medical services to everyone. The only problem is that it faced budget cuts and the effect is reflected in the weak security systems.

This attack on NHS is believed to be part of the global malware cyber-attack. Ransomware is a malicious software that can claim that you have been caught watching pornographic materials and if you do not pay ransom, they threaten to expose you.

The Shadow Brokers

In April, The Shadow Brokers claimed to have their possession the stolen tools from US National Security Agency. They auctioned the tools online plus the passwords.

How the malware works

The virus is spread via a worm. This is a program that spreads on its own from one computer to another.


  1. Do not click on links on malicious emails
  2. Contact an expert in case your personal computer is attacked
  3. Maintained an up-to-date computer anti-virus system.
  4. Keep all your important files in an external hard disks to ensure that you have a backup when an attack happens.

This is a developing story. We will keep you updated on this malware attacks. 

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