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A number of jobs have a travelling requirement.  You can make money travelling. There a number of economic activities that you can engage in include teaching a foreign language or doing sales. People who travel for fun can take advantage and generate some extra cash. I know you may never become rich by doing these gigs but you may pay for some services as you travel.

First, I believe you are capturing numerous photos as you travel around the world. If you do, then the question on how to make money traveling is nearly answered for you. You can cash on these pictures. There are websites such as Getty Images and iStock that can pay you for quality photos. All you need to do is upload those photos. These images can be bought by corporations or individuals who want to use them. There is an application called Foap which is on Android and iOS and helps you upload photos directly from your smartphone.

The application also has assignments which direct photographers to take specific snaps and then submit them online. This application is very interesting you need you start using it.

There is a daily contest if you own a GoPro. There are numerous categories under which you can register your participation. A good example is “Unusual Transportation.”  Every single day a new winner is picked and wins $500 in case they submitted photos, for raw videos a winner receives $1,000 and finally for edited videos winners take home a prize of $5,000. If you participate in these contests you may face stiff competition but it is a great way of becoming a better photographer or film-maker.

Deliver Packages

In case you are going out for a road trip, make money travelling by delivering packages as a side hustle. In some countries you will need network and leverage on modern technologies to let your friends know that you will be travelling to given destinations so that they arrange to offer you packages for delivery.

make money while travelling
Photo: A picture of a man delivering packages in Osaka Japan.
source: Wikimedia commons

This can pay you hundreds of dollars per month. It is more lucrative if you are covering long distances. You will be required to verify your driving license as well as proof that you have car insurance.

People who are travelling internationally should try services such as WorldCraze that enables you to deliver goods from one country to another.

Rent Out Your Parking Lot or Car

This is a straight forward way to make money travelling. It does not make economic sense parking your car at the airport, instead rent it out. Most people charge between $5 and $15 per parking spaces per day. There are sites that list parking spaces.

Volunteering while Traveling

You can volunteer to work on organic farms where they provide you with food and accommodation to help ease your travel costs. It is an indirect way to make money as you travel.

In conclusion, remember you are not seeking riches through these side hustles. These economic activities are meant to keep you busy as you travel abroad or locally.

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