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Today, the late mzee Simon Nyachae was buried after a funeral service at Gusii Stadium in Kisii Town. 

Many good things were said about Nyachae. Key among them was how he was hardworking, honest, generous and above all a God-fearing man. 

People have spoken and written  how the late Simeon Nyachae could maintain relationships for decades. For example, in 1969 Kenani then in form five met Simon Nyachae  while on his way to school and asked for a lift. Mzee was then a district officer under the provincial adminstration  of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. They maintained their relationship for decades after that first meeting. 

The other person who shared his encounter with Mzee Nyachae was retired pastor Nyamwanda. He noted that they had a long term relationship because mzee was honest. 

Let us emulate the late Hon. Simeon Nyachae and be honest, hard working and above all God fearing. 

R.I.P Simion Nyachae.



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