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Kwale County residents from Kibwaga and Nguluku proposes projects for consideration in 2019/2020

In this article we are highlighting some of the county planning and budgeting issues which were raised by residents of Kibwaga and Nguluku villages in Kwale County, Kenya. The two villages are located very close to a mining site run by Base Titanium Limited. Therefore, we can call them mining affected communities. These communities have a right to be allocated resources by the county government for the progressive access to basic services such as health, education, roads and other infrastructure.

Photo: A view of the Base Titanium Mine from Kibwaga Village in Kwale County.

Residents of Kibwaga and Nguluku villages call for construction of roads in their area. These residents are not calling for tarmacking of roads. They just want to have murrum roads which will make it easier for villagers to transport their farm outputs and access other county facilities outside their village.

Secondly, the residents called for construction/establishment of a village polytechnic in their area for increased access to important skills.

Third, they called for land demarcation to enable them benefit from security of tenure. The residents said that they are tired of being called squatters since independence.

Under health, Kibwaga and Nguluku villagers called for construction of a health facility by Kwale County government.

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On access to water, the residents called for drilling of boreholes in their villages.

Video of residents calling for special socio-economic development programmes to make their lives better and help them enjoy the fruits of devolution.

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