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This article summarizes how Kisumu County implemented her budget for the first nine months of 2018/2019: 

  • During the FY 2018/2019, Kisumu County had an annual supplementary budget of Ksh. 11.5 billion; 
  • Kisumu County was planning to raise Ksh. 1.38 billion from Own Sources of Revenue; 
  • During the 1st 9 months of the year under focus, Kisumu County received Ksh. 4.73 billion as equitable share of revenue resources raised at the national level; 
  • Another Ksh. 1.50 billion was received in form of conditional grants; 
  • A total of Ksh. 553 million was raised from own sources of revenue
  • Cash balance brought forward from FY 2017/2018 was Ksh. 1.44 billion; 
  • Hence, a total of Ksh. 8.23 billion was available for spending by Kisumu County during the first 9 months of the year 2018/2019;


  • A total of Ksh. 5.57 billion was spent on both development and recurrent activities which was approximately 84% of the total amount available for expenditure; 
  • Ksh. 1.1 billion was spent on development activities while Ksh. 4.46 billion was spent on recurrent activities during the period under review; 
  • 24.5% was the recorded absorption rate for Kisumu County development expenditure; 

Where did recurrent expenditure go? 

  • 73% or Ksh. 3.25 billion was spent on payment of salaries, wages, allowances and benefits.
  • Domestic travel consumed a total of Ksh. 389 million; Education and scholarships (Ksh. 161 million); Foreign Travel (Ksh. 62 million); 

What about development expenditure? 

  • out of 1.1 billion spent on development activities, Ksh. 804 or 72% of the funds were spent under the Finance Department; 
  • The audit report does not provide a list of development projects completed on ongoing during the first 9 months of FY 2018/2019; – so unfortunate!!!


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