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The Buckingham Palace has announced the King Charles III, 75, of Britain has been diagnosed with cancer and will step back from public duties as he undergoes treatment.


The cancer was discovered while the king was undergoing treatment for enlarged prostate. Charles became the King in September 2022 when his mother passed on.


The king is being treated at an hospital in London as an outpatient.


Sara Ferguson, Duchess of York, had also been diagnosed with with skin cancer known as malignant melanoma.


If the King become so sick that he cannot carry out his full duties, some of those will be delegated to state counsellors who are Camilla, William, Harry, Prince Ann,  Prince Edward, Prince Andrew and Princes Beatrice.


If King is completely unable to carry on his constitutional duties, his powers can be taken away and assumed by a regent. That is the royal next in line to the throne: Prince William.







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