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Khizr Khan speaks against Trump’s Anti-Muslim Executive Order

Khizr Khan is the father of Humayun (a military man who died in Iraq defending his team from suicide bombers) and the face of resistance against Donald Trump. He stood against Trump during last year’s campaigns.

Khan registered his opposition to Trump’s travel policy while standing outside the US Capitol. He noted that the world stands behind those affected by the shift from the current immigration policy.

 “The world is waiting to join us. We will boycott everything and anything Trump if this continues,” – Khizr Khan.

While delivering this he was accompanied by a number of United States legislators and civil rights activists. He asked Trump not to force them into that direction.

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Khan spoke last year during the Democratic Convention and opposed Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from the US. This is the moment that placed Khan squarely on the national limelight. People from abroad started calling him seeking for help.

It is clear the Khan speaks for families which are stranded at the airports across the world because they cannot enter into America.

On July, 2016 during his speech at the Democratic Convention Khan pulled a pocket-sized Constitution and asked Trump whether he has ever taken time to read it.

Numerous groups have promised to challenge Trump’s ban in a court of law. One such a group is the American Civil Liberties Union which has raised millions of dollars for that purpose. To be exact, the group has raised USD$24.1 million which is six times what the union raises annually. These donations were received in one weekend alone and mostly from abroad.

The Chief executive of Amazon, Jeff Bezos promised to use all legal resources available to him to fight the implementation of the executive order.  

John Kelly who is the new secretary of Department of Homeland Security briefed the world that the visa holders are exempted from the ban.

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