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The 2016 KCSE results for the 577,253 candidates who sat for the exams were released today by CS Matiang’i who was accompanied by other educational officials. This took place at Shimo La Tewa High School in Mombasa.

The examination was administered from 7th -30th of November. This took place in 9,158 centers in the country.

Matiang’i had requested all the parties involved in the KCSE 2016 to complete the task before the festive celebrations.

Out of the 577,253 candidates, 88,929 candidates managed to score a C+ and above. 141 candidates scored As.

As-141 candidates

A- 4645 candidates

B+ 10, 975 candidates

All the candidates who scored above C+ will join universities.

The CS said this is a true reflection of the candidates’ effort. The results were not manipulated in any way.

The top 20 candidates constitute of 4 boys and 16 girls.

All candidates will receive their results. There was no cheating.

Some of the schools that registered 191 As in 2015 were unable to produce even 15As this year. There are only two schools that maintained their score, that is Kenya High and Alliance Girls High School. This was said by CS Matiang’i.

You can SMS your index number to code 22252 to get the results.

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