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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have hired a surrogate mother in preparation for another child.

You know when you are barren or it’s not safe to give birth, you hire someone to be pregnant on your behalf. That person commonly called a ‘surrogate mother’ undergoes artificial insemination and after giving birth surrenders the baby to her clients.

In this case, the clients are Kenye West and Kim Kardashian. The celebrity couple. According to Kim has a condition called placenta accrete which makes it risky for her to become pregnant for another child.

The couple employed the services of an agency to identify and hire a surrogate mother for that purpose.


The whole deal will be costed as follows:

  1. Deposit of $45,000 followed by $4,500 in monthly installments
  2. If she gives birth to twins or more, for each additional child, Kim and Kanye will pay $5,000.
  3. In case of loss of reproductive organs by the surrogate mother, she receives $4,000.
  4. In addition to the above figures, the couple is required to deposit a total of $68,850 with the agency.

Conditions for Surrogate Mother

  • Refrain from drinking, drugs and smoking during the pregnancy period
  • Restricted sexual intercourse during the weeks leading to the pregnancy implantation.
  • Forgo sexual intercourse for a period of 3 weeks after embryo implantation
  • The surrogate mother will not be allowed to apply hair dye, go into saunas, hot tabs and drink lot of caffeinated beverage per day.


The agreement contains a clause that requires that the Kanye and Kim assume parental and legal responsibilities for the child even with abnormalities or any other defects.


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