Sharing is Caring

This morning I partially ran and briskly walked for at least eight (8) kilometres along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.


I wish I would be more consistent in exercising. I’m informed that there are people out there who learn or walk briskly every single day. 


How do they manage midst of busy work schedules is still a mystery to me. 


Alternately, the problem may be laziness or lack of displine. 


It took me 1 hour to walk and run that distance. 


On my return to the house pulled out my tablet and browsed for nearly one hour seeking for inspiration.


I read about BruceLee’s quest for a lean but powerful body frame. 


During his lifetime, he trained every single day with a focus on agility, endurance and power for all body muscles.


He came up with different exercises for various body parts. 


His aim was to attain increased heart rate through engaging in serious cardio as well as weight training. 


He aimed at burning fats to get a lean but powerful and agile body. 

Below is a list of exercises he engaged in during a circuit training:

– hanging leg raises 

– waist twists 

– push ups 

– Run in place 

– Jump squats 

– high kicks 

– shoulder cycling

– side bends etc 


In my own, I’ve started implementing his circuit training where you exercise various parts of the body at the same time instead of working out just one set of muscles. 


Join me in keeping fit an keeping the doctor away on the process. 


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