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Jeremy Clarkson and his co-host James May (former BBC hosts for Top Gear TV program) are soon coming back to our screens. These two individuals are passionate car enthusiasts. Together, they are coming up with a new show called Grand Tour which will be available on Amazon Prime.

The two Britons were funny and interesting in how they analyzed a a variety of cars for the mass market. They looked at the merits and demerits of various cars in the market and even took them for a test drive.  If you ever watched their show, you can remember seeing them swearing on television.

It is interesting to note that the two hosts believe that there is nothing new that they will do on the new show that Top Gear couldn’t do. It’s my sincere believe that the new show will become a great success based on the witticism and enthusiasm of the two.

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For now it is a wait and see scenario until Grand Tour premiers on Amazon Prime. We will keep you updated if anything new comes up.

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