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Jamal Edwards is a self-made multimillionaire and YouTube Entrepreneur who used to live in west London. He has succeeded in a very short period of time.  He started out as an amateur film-maker. He is now a media owner with a net worth of 8 million British pounds.

He is so successful that he counts Sir Richard Branson as one of his friends. He owns SBTV – a broadcasting firm that produces videos. These videos are mostly featuring pop and rap music genre. He always uploads these videos on You Tube.

His videos have attracted millions of views and the SBTV is making millions from advertising revenues. This is not bad considering that Jamal started making videos after he received a basic video camera as his birthday present. It is also worth noting that he has no formal education in this kind of work.

Jamal notes that to get more views lots of effort and creativity is required. Above all it is important to believe in yourself and find your talents. For Jamal, his talent is in making videos.

Jamal Edwards advises young people who want to venture into business to just try anything and never to be scared of failing. Most people fail for not trying at all. Once you find your niche work hard on it.

When Jamal was aged 15 he grew in love with his video camera. They actually became inseparable. He commenced his career by producing videos of his friends singing or rapping.

At that time, he was not aware of the commercial opportunities that came along with what he was doing. He later started to upload the videos on his YouTube channel just to share with his wide circle of friends. That is how Jamal Edwards started his YouTube career.

Leaving School

Jamal left school and found a job at Topman – a clothing company. While working there he continued growing his passion for making videos during his free time.

Built Reputation

His reputation for quality work was known. He filmed upcoming musicians and at the same time focused on established music stars at hotels, nightclubs and radio stations such as Kiss 100.

His secret for success is working hard. He revealed to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that he burned out at least three times because of his workaholic habits.

Word on his great YouTube videos spread like wild fire. He named his YouTube Channel SBTV where SB stands for SmokeyBarz his own singing nickname. He started to get hundreds of thousands of video views mostly from an audience aged between 13 and 30 years.

After sometime, Jamal contacted YouTube to ask for a share of revenue generated from his content. YouTube is a property of Google. It initially turned him down. To be exact, three times. His persistence paid off. YouTube approved his channel after it confirmed that all the videos uploaded on his channel were original and were made by him.

Jamal was very inspired when he earned a few hundred pounds from YouTube. His parents were skeptical and told him that such income is not sustainable. Since then his income has kept on growing.

Jamal’s Media Empire

After sometime, Jamal quit his job at Topman and started running SBTV as a full-time job. Currently, Jamal works with a team of 12 employees and SBTV has got it’s own website. He uses this site to share new stories and videos.

Jamal is always thinking of ways to expand his empire. He has added a clothing line. Despite that, his core business remains recording dance music as well as other genre music.

Jamal is planning to serve the United States market and expand his video content to fashion, sport and comedy.

Jamal authored an e-book called Self Belief.

Last year, Jamal’s business model attracted the attention of Richard Branson. As a result, he won the best start-up award from Virgin Media.

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