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K.P. Ramasamy is the founder and chairman of KPR Mills. He has a net worth of $2.3 billion and is from Coimbatore, Southern India.


KPR Mills which is a fully integrated knitwear company has interests in cotton, knitted apparels and polyester yan. He also produces sugar and ethanol.


His company makes undergarments as well as sports wear under the Faso Brand in 15 factories. The company spins cotton into fabric, process the fabric and use that to produce 150 million garments out of which 140 million garments are exported mostly to Europe, Australia and North America.


KPR Mills engages in dying, printing and embroidery in-house.


The company has a factory in Erode, Tamil Nadu which has a capacity of 42 million garments every year.


KPR Mill Limited is the business of knitting, spinning and processing garments for their brand name Faso.


K.P. Ramasamy is a college dropout and a farmer’s son.



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