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Indian billionaire Sunny Varkey has a net worth of $2.9 billion. He is an Indian expat teacher who migrated to Dubai in 1959. He is the founder of GEMS Education which is the largest operator of K-12 schools.


The company offers private education and their main investor is CVC Capital Partners since 2019.


GEMs Education is managed by the billionaire’s sons Dino and Jay as CEO and Group executive director respectively.


Sunny Varkey never pursued his education beyond secondary school. He took over the management of the school which was owned by his parents in 1980 when he was aged 23.


The GEMS Group operates in Jordan, Singapore, Libya, Egypt, Switzerland, Uganda and Kenya. He is the chairman of Varkey Group. He is also the founder of Varkey Foundation. He is also in other businesses such as construction, healthcare consultancy which has developed several hospitals and clinics, Emirates Healthcare,


Sunny Varkey lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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