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Here are a few issues arising from Turkana Crude Oil being sold in the Black Ma-rket:

  1. Ugandans and Somalis have descended on Turkana’s crude oil in Lokichar according to Saturday Standard
  2. The illicit oil is refined by heating the crude oil on an open fire the aim of boiling off the gasoline. The oil is cooled by water and stored in barrels.
  3. The illegal refiners are interested in extracting diesel
  4. Tullow oil is spending Sh. 29.8 billion on supplies out of which Ksh. 7.4 billion is spend on local businesses.
  5. Nigerian government has in the past complained that they lose up to USD$1 billion every month per month as a result of illegal oil refineries managed by militia groups.
  6. In Nigeria, the host communities in Niger Delta live in great poverty and as a result, they have embarked on stealing oil from pipelines.

More updates in future posts.

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