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  1. Do not spend time on useless web surfing, that way you can get 250 more work hours every week. 
  2. Sleep a lot: This is a massive productivity booster. 
  3. You have capacity to respond to over 400 emails every day. That is email reply rate. 
  4. If I start it, I finish it. When you open an email, reply immediately. 
  5. Break work into bits. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Make sure what you put in to do list can be done in 1 hour.
  6. I work anywhere and everywhere. There is no where I can’t work:
  • Flight: Email
  • Walking to work: Call
  • Lunch: Business meeting
  • Exercising: Email 

7. Be a minimalist. when you have a lot of properties such as house and vehicles. These things need a lot of time to manage. 

8. Outsource everything: Have a team of super dedicated and hardworking and smart people. 

9. Schedule large blocks of time for self-development. Spend more time on personal development, long-term planning and strategy. 




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