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Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown who is currently the fourth most streamed artist in the country has disclosed how he lost over Sh2.5 million.


Otile brown invested over Sh2.5 million to shoot and record a song by the name Jamila with Nigerian musician Reekado. Reekado had come to Kenya and Otile felt he could make a profit if he units with the singer for a collabo. Reekado had earlier produced a hit song ‘Rora’ and this attracted Otile Brown.

 “I don’t like talking about this but music is not all rosy. One of my worst investments was the song I did with Reekado. My team invested over Sh2.5 million to record and shoot the song. We flew to Nigeria with my team to record the song, spent a few days there and later shot the video in Nairobi, “he said.


“I had hoped it would do well based on the kind of resources and time we invested in the project but it turned out to a flop. I didn’t get a return on investment. It’s my worst project to date, sometimes you don’t get your wish” he added.


Jamila earned 4 million views which Otile considers to be low compared to other projects. Most of the Otile Brown songs goes over 10 million views. This includes;Jeraha, Kind of love, Regina, Chaguo la moyo and others. Chaguo la moyo had over 30 million views. Which is his best of all.


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