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The pilot of a hot air balloon after falling to the ground in Bradford. Vermont, state police reported that a 72-year old Brian Boland. The pilot had four passengers on board. The hot air balloon descended and touched the ground. When the basket tipped over, one of the four passengers fell out but was not injured.


The pilot got entangled under the basket and fell to the ground from some height. He died as a result of the fall. After the pilot fell, the hot air balloon continued to travel to the north for 2.4 kilometres before it got entangled in trees in Piermont, New Hampshire. Click button to enter email to sign up for CNN’s Meanwhile in America newsletter.


The remaining 3 passengers successfully climbed down to safely and no one was injured. The pilot was an employee of Silver Maple Lodge and Cottages in Fairlee and provide hot air balloon excursions for visitors.


The pilot was “one of the most experienced pilots in the world” who “has set numerous world records, won national championships and has flown all over the world,” the company website read.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the crash.


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Sharing is Caring:

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