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I am a regular reader of and here is some information about the blog. It mostly covers articles on economic policy and political economy.


Professor Richard Baldwin founded in June 2007. His main objective was to enrich economic policy debate in Europe and beyond.


This blog makes researcher’s knowledge more accessible to the general public. This is a noble cause. Prof. Richard Baldwin has added flavor to commentary on the most urgent and import economic policy topics.


Currently, there is a high demand for advanced and research-based analysis than what is available in our daily newspapers and magazines.


This is why VoxEU has become a leader in dissemination of economic knowledge for the benefit of mankind.


As at now, VoxEU reaches an excess of 200,000 readers on a monthly basis from over 100 countries around the world.


If you are keen on learning as much as you can on political economy and economic policy, you are at home with


The blog uses numerous types of formats to effectively reach its audience. That is: ebooks, eReports and debates among others.


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