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10 Great reads for Today

The following is my great reads list on Kenya finance and economy:

  1. Nakumatt Voluntary Administration (Benkelele)
  2. Trump’s Tax Reform Dissected (Mises Wire)
  3. Bad policies lead to bad theory (Econlog)
  4. Spillovers from venture capital investment (VOX EU)
  5. The gender gap in economics has ramifications far beyond the ivory tower (Washington Center of Equitable Growth)
  6. Prostitution reduces rape (Marginal Revolution)
  7. The huge tax heist (robertreich)
  8. The Pendulum swings against Privatization (The Undercover Economist)
  9. Tax rates and entrepreneurship (The Baseline Scenario)
  10. How should Tax Reforms treat employee stock and options? (Donald Marron)

Enjoy reading the above great selections and discover how the world works.

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