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Tanzanians have raised their concerns about their president’s announcement that school girls who give birth should not be allowed back to school. The president said that during his speech in Chalinze. Tanzania has been providing free high school education after the enactment of a supporting policy in 2015.

A law enacted in 2002 in Tanzania allows for expulsion of school girls who gets pregnant and commits other immoral acts.

Instead of expelling pregnant school girls and preventing their come back, they should be protected from pregnancy.

Tanzania’s Vice President, Samia Suluhu has a different opinion from that of his boss. He believes that school girls who give birth should actually be re-admitted back to school.

According to Human Rights Watch report, approximately 40 per cent of adolescents in Tanzania are not attending school. It’s further estimated that 8,000 school girls drop out every year.

To further alienate the school girls, some schools in Tanzania conduct compulsory pregnancy tests and expel the school girls who are found to be pregnant the report adds. It’s so unfair that the men who impregnate these girls are mostly go punished.  

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