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All over the world there are people who are born with both male and female sex organs. These are referred to as intersex people.

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From January 1, the law will recognize intersex people in Germany. This is the first member of the European Union to do so. The intersex will appear on birth certificates. It will be indicated as “third gender”.
That way people who are transgender will not be forced to indicate male or female on official documents.
German’s Bundestag passed a law which has been praised all the world as a small step towards the right direction by the intersex people and activists.
This new law was enacted after an intersex person went to court and filed a case to defend his rights as an intersex person. The person wanted to change their birth certificate from female to indicate “divers”.
Amnesty International report has indicated that people who are born intersex get irreversible surgeries to ensure that they become either male or female and conform to society expectations.
Already the states of New York and California in the United States of America recognize people who cannot be classified as either male or female.
India, Argentina, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nepal, Canada, Denmark, Pakistan and Malta recognize gender neutral people on their passports.
Intersex and trains gender are normal people who just want to live their lives.
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