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For most  Nairobi residents a journey to Garissa County starts from Eastleigh in Nairobi. My favorite PS     vehicles is E-coach which has a stage after the first round about when coming from the city.

Eastleigh residents are mostly Somalis from various parts of former North Eastern province.

This is the place where you can buy camel milk and meat. There is humble supply here.

I once tested the camel meat in Isiolo town just out of curiosty. I can say it is nice tasting. You need to taste it and give us feedback.

Garissa County is the home of one of the largest refugee camp in kenya. Most of the refugees in Dadaab Somalis from the war torn country, Somalia.

There were plans for sending the refugees to their home countries. They are mostly from Somalia.  I will update you on this matter.

This week I will share with you hot and juicy stories about Garissa County and its environs.

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