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Former Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo’s farm in Benue has been burnt down by gangsters at Howe Community in Gwer East Local Government Area.



According to the farm manager, Zubello Muhamed, the incident happened on Saturday January 29.  Residents claim that the disagreements with the lcoals stemed from compensation for the land which originally was owned by the state government.




The local government confirmed the incident and stated that it was a deliberate sabotage of the farm by the hoodlums.





He said: “The fire on the farm was started at about 2 pm on Saturday by hoodlums and nearly half of it is gone. It was clearly a sabotage.




“It was strange that there was fire outbreak in the farm because the farm was properly safeguarded, so it was obvious that it was sabotage.




“We summoned a meeting of stakeholders and leaders over the matter in order to fish out the perpetrators and by the grace of God we have already apprehended four persons and investigation is still ongoing to fish out more culprits.”


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