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This article is about a great entrepreneur known as Gad Zeevi. He was born in 1939. He is an Israel Industrialist, owner as well as chairman of Zeevi Group. This is a multi-billion dollar business corporation. The Zeevi Group owns numerous subsidiaries which produces, refines and then sells a wide range of petroleum products. The group manages several gas stations and oil refineries in the United States. The company has several years of experience in construction and as well as exploitation of electric power stations. Basically, they produce electric power for the national grid system.

They also provide services in the development and construction of housing estates in numerous cities around the world. Zeevi Group has experience in building water projects, roads, trade centers, residential buildings, airports and grain elevators for their clients. They have operations in Israel, Africa and the United States of America. They have worked for many years in distribution of automobiles more specifically the Subaru brand.
The Zeevi Group is never left behind in the provision of information technologies (IT). They carry out retailing and logistical business services for their clients.  They have a division that deals with sanatoria and medical equipment. The Zeevi Group was reported to have purchased Japanauto which is a leading Subaru cars distributor in Israel.
In addition to the above wide range of investments, they also invest in radio and television stations, shopping malls, private hospitals, written media, industrial, apartments, health care and car industry among others.
In the past, the Zeevi Group has played a leading role in implementing energy projects in Israel, Africa, Europe and America. They also trade in oil products as well as crude oil. 
For over 50 years, the Zeevi Group has been part of thousands of ventures in numerous countries. This includes large-scale urban development projects, construction and managing residential and commercial projects around the world. The group has built thousands of kilometers of roads in Israel and Africa.
They own large stakes in real estate. This includes retirement villages, hospitals, and commercial areas. Some of their investments are listed below:
·         300,000 m2 of new commercial areas and 2,000 residential apartments in US
·         1,000,000 m2 in their home country, Israel
·         500,000 m2 in Eastern Europe
In Israel, the Zeevi Group is a proud owner of the largest shopping mall covering over 250,000 m2.
The Zeevi Group owns Israel’s largest private hospitals. These facilities are equipped with the post-modern technologies such as MRI, VCT and IVF.
Online Gaming
The group provides free games as well as games for pay to its online customers. The company is currently developing a new business model (B2B) to use it in licensing their games to online game sites and portals.  The group is controlled by Gad Zeevi with an investment of $2.1 billion as of 2009.
The Gad Zeevi group has been importing Subaru cars since 1968. In 1998, the group acquired Japanauto as part of its efforts to get more market share. They enjoy 50 percent of the Israel car market. They started back in 1970’s through 1980’s they have been selling over 30,000 cars annually.
Israel is a potential market for motor cars. The country has been importing over 180,000 cars every year. Gad Zeevi has been importing and sold hundreds of thousands of Subaru cars to residents of Israel alone. 
In 2006, Gad Zeevi was accused of stock fraud and the court cases on the same dragged on for a period of 5 years. At the end of the case he was declared NOT GUILTY. This is a classic example that even the ultra rich people in the world sometimes are subjected to bullying. 
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