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The former French Minister of Urban Affairs Bernard Tapie, 78, and his wife were on Sunday beaten when burglars accessed their home through the 1st floor window without being detected by security guards. 

At least four men broke into their home located in Combs-la-ville near paris at 12:30 am when the two were asleep. 

They tied the couple with electric cords and beat them up. Bernard was hit on the head with a club but he refused to be taken to hospital after the raid. 

The thieves ran away with a Rolex watch, bracelets, earrings and a ring. 

Tapie rose from grass to grace. He ended up building a media and sports empire. When he had the money, he used to show off through acquiring a 72-meter yatch and a football club – Olympique de Merseille. The team worn the French football league when Tapie was still the owner. However, he was accused of match-fixing in French football league. 

In 1992, Bernard Tapie became Minister of Urban Affairs under the administration of Francois Mitterrand. 

In 2012, Tapie became a media boss taking over the La Provence and other newspapers in France. 

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