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This programme came just in time!

Since April, 2014 I have been thinking about starting my own bakery business in Nyamira town but due to lack of starting capital I’ve not been able to get started. It’s especially expensive to buy a modern electric oven. This is a basic requirement for baking cakes, pizza, queen cakes and biscuits among other baked products. 
I was fortunate to have attended a training course at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
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Training in Confectionery
More than 10 groups from various parts of the country took part in the training on Flour and Confectionery at the JKUAT Food Technology Center (FOTEC). The program was sponsored by JICA, OVOP and the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development.
Self Help Groups in Attendance
Seeking for alternatives
At JKUAT I was impressed by the modern equipment used for baking at the Food Center. At the same time the university was very aggressive in establishing business enterprises.
A Humble Professor
I was also impressed by the hospitality of Professor Simon Muhoho. On the 2nd of February, 2014 he was personally waiting to receive us at the Chania Tourist Lodge in Thika where we stayed to participate in the one-week intensive training at JKUAT Main campus in Juja along Thika Road.
Establishing a commercial bakery business
The ovens that one needs to start a bakery business are very expensive for a starter in this business. One oven goes at KES 3,500,000. This is far too expensive for starters. 
I remember Prof. Muhoho advised us to   start with whatever we have at hand. In that spirit, I was forced to visit a welding fabricator in Ruiru town to find out if I can get any cheaper option. Mr. Ngugi informed me that a small oven goes out for Kshs 30,000. I would not immediately raise that amount. So I had to postpone my plans and go out looking for funds. My dream of owning a great bakery hasn’t been distinguished yet!
I got an idea!
When I traveled back to my base, I continued working as a freelancer. One day, a client approached me and requested me to write an article on how to construct a cob oven.
I will  document those steps in my next blog. 
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