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Fiona Onasanya becomes first MP recalled from House of commons UK

A British politician of Nigerian origin, Fiona Onasanya, has become the first Member of Parliament in the House of Commons to lose her seat following a recall petition.
The MP was jailed for lying to avoid receiving a speeding ticket. The 35-year-old was former Labor MP was subsequently jailed. As a result of the jail term she was kicked out of the House of Commons. A total of 20,000 voters in Peterborough constituency which she represented signed the recall petition.

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Fiona Onasanya becomes the first MP ever to be removed from the House of Commons. The recall process was introduced in 2015 by David Cameron.
A by-election will be held in Peterborough constituency to replace Fiona. Osanya is still eligible to stand for election as an independent according to report by Metro UK

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