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Hundreds of victims have come out to complain about a fertility doctor who used his semen to impregnate his patients who sought Artificial insemination services. 

Norman Barwin’s medical license was revoked in 2019 following a class-action lawsuit filed in 2016 by Davina Dixon, Daniel Dixon and Rebbeca Dixon. 


In 1989, Daniel and Davina sought medical services from Barwin. The doctor performed AI on Davina. 


In 2016, the family discovered through a DNA test that Barwin is Rebecca’s biological father. 


It is reported that Dr. Barwin has been doing this to many people since 1970s. 


According to the USA Today, the proposed KES 1 billion settlement has to be formerly approved by a Canadian court in November before the money is shared by the affected individuals and families who received a wrong sperm sample. 


In an ironical twist, Barwin has denied “liability of any kind whatsoever.” A statement released by his lawyers indicated that Barwin agreed to the settlement “in order to avoid the time, risk and expense of continuing with the litigation.”


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