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The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has granted Ethiopia $14.85 million for Covid-19 Responses to focus on boosting the government efforts in handling disruptions in education.

The grant will be used to ensure the government maintains sustains student learning while the learning institutions are closed. It will also support safe reopening of schools.

It is estimated that 26 million students in Ethiopia are out of school. This is projected to have long-lasting impact on their development, health and future earning potential.

There are high chances that vulnerable students such as girls and pupils from rural areas are unlikely to return to school even after Covid-19 is over.

This is why there is urgency to support reopening of schools in a safe way. The grant will be used to provide for safe reopening of schools, supply sanitation materials and put in place an extensive campaign to inform students and their parents about reopening procedures and also establish an help desk for emergencies around Covid-19.

The grant will equally be used to support online learning activities so as to make it possible for students to catch up when schools reopen.

The project will support the efforts of Ethiopian government to provide online learning through broadcasting and digital platforms such as Television, print, radio and websites to assist school children to continue while the schools are closed as a result of Covid-19.

Ethiopia has plans to attain middle-income country by 2025 which means that education has a key role to play especially in providing human capital. Also economic development requires continuous commitment to education.

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