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Dr.Roselyn Akombe resigns from the Commission
Roselyn Akombe of the IEBC has resigned from the poll agency. She sent a full statement from New York. Akombe was working for the UN before joining the commission.
She explained that the coming elections cannot be credible. The current state of the commission cannot conduct a credible election on 26th October. Her conscious as a commissioner can’t let her participate in a sham election.
Akombe was to be part of the team supposed to monitor the printing of ballot papers in Dubai.
She had toured western and Nyanza regions last week as they trained the officers to handle the coming elections.
She resigned with a long statement explaining the reasons for the step she took.
She explained that she tried her best. Sometimes you have to walk away when other lives are in danger. The commission is part of the current situation and it is under siege.
Akombe said that she no longer makes any significant contribution in her role and to the country. This is due to the difficulty to attend their meetings where most commissioners come ready to vote with some partisan lines and not to find a solution or discuss the issues before them.
The commissioner should be independent and speak out. The planned election cannot be credible when it is getting instructions to change various things prior to elections
The people are patient and resilient. The political crisis cannot be solved by the commission alone. The crisis should be solved first before getting the way forward to have a credible election.
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