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Dr. Dambisa Moyo Biography: Economist Extraordinaire

By Risper Buyeke

Dr. Dambisa Moyo was born in Lusaka, Zambia, she is a formidable lady with a PhD in economics from Oxford, a Masters from Harvard University, and an undergraduate degree from the American University in Washington DC. She is a board member of Chevron, Barrack Gold, and Barclays bank.

Dr. Moyo is a well-known pre-eminent thinker. She influences the key decision makers in public policy and strategic investment. Her perspectives are unique, she balances contrarian thinking with judgment, and the ability to turn economic insight into ideas that are investible.

Dr. Dambisa Moyo has a strong reputation as a trusted advisor and opinion leader on Technology, Geopolitics, macroeconomics, and millennial themes.

Most people recognize her for the innovative and fresh ideas. She is an author of the three bestselling books.

She was listed among the Time 100 most influential people globally.  Dr. Dambisa Moyo writes for Barron’s, WSJ, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review. She has visited about 80 countries. She practices yoga and runs marathons when she is free.

Dr. Dambisa Moyo has been the Seagate director since 2015. She has been researching, writing, and speaking about international macroeconomics since 2008. She served as World Bank consultant from 1993 to 1995. She served as an economist for hedge fund coverage, Goldman Sach’s debt capital markets, and other global macroeconomics teams. She has been serving on the board of directors of Lundin Petroleum AB, SABMiller PLC, and Silicon laboratories within the past five years.

Dr. Dambisa Moyo is not a stranger to controversy. Her reputation for provoking reactions has helped her to be famous.  She is among the most recognizable faces on current affairs issues and securing a position on the high-flying international lecture circuit.

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