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Xi Jinping who is the President of China has warned the United States President Joe Biden not to play with fire on a two-hour long phone call.


 “Those who play with fire will be perished by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this,” Xi Jinping said. He added that he will protect the national sovereignty of the China republic and its territorial integrity. China has a staggering population of up to 1.4 billion people. 


On the other hand, the United States and Taiwan has a very strong relationship. The Taiwan foreign ministry said that it will continue strengthening the security partnership with the US.


Pelosi had even planned a trip to before Beijing warned that the trip will cause serious consequences to the United States. Biden also cautioned against the trip.


On the other hand, Taiwan military reported a Chinese drone that glanced by through the Chinese coast. They said that the drone’s mission was possibly to investigate the defense systems in Taiwan. The drone was scared away with flares.


China has a principle that firmly oppose the interference of Taiwan independence with external forces. Some of the issues the two leaders discussed on the call includes also United States lifting some of the tariffs on the Chinese imports. This comes after the cost of living goes up in the US.


Earlier, the US government through Biden warned China from providing any weapons to Russia to facilitate the ongoing war, and according to reports, China has not made a step further. 



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