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Diversions on JKIA-Rironi Road

I have quite an experience with JKIA – Rironi road. It was in 2017 and I was travelling with team to Simba Lodge in Naivasha. We were going to attended a very important meeting to discuss public finance management in Kenya.
A few days before that day, vehicles carrying charcoal from Kitui County had Benn touched. The owners were from Rironi area. As a way of protest, some residents of Rironi blocked the road.
They started deflating tired of all vehicles to make sure no one moves and hence pass their message to the authorities.
Our hired van was also grounded. This was the send time I faced serious potential danger. The first time I seriously feared for my life was immediately after the elections of August 2017.
The Rironi protest was tense, the men who deflated the tires used the local Lingua Franca and I feared that they may turn offensive on those who did not share their language, culture and way of doing things.
Now, we have a number problem. The road has been under construction ever since. This comes with the necessary diversions and misconvenienes. We hope that the road construction will be over soon.
As regular user if this road, I will keep you up to date with beautiful visuals and text stories.

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