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Tanzanian artist Nasibu Abdul popularly known as Diamond Platinumz has hit four Million subscribers on YouTube.


“4 million subscribers on YouTube! It could not have been possible without you, let’s meet at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium so I can express my gratitude,” he posted on Instagram.

A month ago, Diamond became the first musician artist in the sub-Saharan Africa to clock more than a billion views on YouTube


According to Kevin Meenan, the YouTube trends music manager, most YouTube views for the Bongo star came from Kenya followed by his home country Tanzania and United States for the period between May 2019 and May 2020.


Diamond uses an innovative approach with his channel. His strategy includes an FM station, full service management, recording, publishing and entertainment company/record label- Wasafi Classic Baby(WCB).


“For every music video he has – and they are very high-production music videos by the way – he might have anywhere from five to 20 or more song and non-song content videos, that, for instance, could include documentary-style or behind-the-scenes footage,” said Meenan.


“You’re seeing him lean in and hit those touchpoints where he is engaging his subscriber base, but also converting new subscribers, several artists from Africa who have broken globally are leaning into that strategy – and that’s something we recommend all artists do.”


Source: The Standard

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