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The Dani Family has a net worth of $8 billion. The family is made up children of tycoon Ashwin Dani who was a non executive director of Asian Paints.


The company was founded by the Ashwin Dani’s father and three others back in 1942.


Currently, Asia Paints is among the biggest paint makers. The company also offers home painting and interior design services.


In 1966, Ashwin Dani earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Mumbai University. He also earned a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Akron.


He was associated with Asia Paints since 1968 and became a board member in 1970. He was among the first Indian to adopt the power of computing at Asia Paints. He pioneered the science of computerized color matching in India.


He died at the age of 81.



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