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Climate change is real and quick but lasting solutions are needed!!!It seems the sun has just moved closer to the earth. This is especially the case here in Nairobi where it has not rained for the last 3 months.

We have reached a point where even water scarcity is becoming a central issue.

Water shortage was experience for the past two weeks and residents are crying.

Is of borehole water for cooking, washing and drinking is soon becoming a normal thing and water from the main supply will soon be forgotten or become extinct.

For the first time I have realised that waters keeps the residents of a city together. Shortage of water can make a city to disintegrate. There is no one who wants to be in a city where you are not sure of getting your next cup of water for drinking. Lack of water can lead to serious disease outbreaks such as cholera and typhoid among other waterborne diseases.

All of us as residents we should think extra hard to come up with innovations to solve water problems facing us.

As you may be aware challenging times call for exta-ordinary solutions. We would just sit back and watch.

The first line of defense is to mitigate climate change before it goes too far. I know of course that there are some world leaders who believe that climate change is “fake news.”

This should not be the case. We should see more and more world governments committing funds towards addressing climate change in the global arena.

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