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The election of Felix Tshesekedi as the next president of Democratic Republic of Congo has been upheld by the country’s Constitutional Court.

One of the contenders, Mr. Martin Fayulu, had filed an election petition at the Constitutional Court arguing that Mr. Felix Tshesekedi had entered into a power sharing deal with Mr. Joseph Kabila, the outgoing President.

Despite the court ruling, Mr Martin Fayulu, has maintained that he is the “legitimate” president-elect.

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The Constitutional Court announced that Mr. Martin Fayulu did not prove that the electoral commission had announced the wrong results.

Therefore, “Felix Tshesekedi president of the Democratic Republic of Congo by simple majority,” declared the Constitutional Court of Congo.

President elect Felix Tshesekedi is expected to be sworn in within the next 10 days.

If this happens, it will be the first time Congo is involved in peaceful and democratic transfer of power from one regime to the next since the country got its independence in 1960.

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