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For the last 19 years, Kenya has embraced coalitions as a vehicle to gain political power. 


The National rainbow 🌈 coalition NARC started this trend. This political movement swept Kenya National Union (KANU) out of power. The part had ruled Kenya for 39 years.


At one point Mwai Kibaki likened to cutting a mugumo tree using a razor blade. He was the man who dragged by its collars and threw it out of the seat of power. Now the KANU orphans feel that they are on half time and will return to power.


It is a far fetched dream because they want to do it alone when others are hanging up in larger coalitions.


In 2013, Jubilee grabbed power from President Mwai Kibaki. It was made up of many large and small political parties such United Republican Party (URP) and others. The formed government which has been in power for 9 years now. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are holding the reigns of power. 


Currently, United Democratic Party (UDA) is battling it out with Orange Democratic Party (ODM) and OKA among others.


The 2022 is now defined by a lot competition and coalition building. UDA is promoting bottom up economy while ODM is promoting creation of a suitable environment for business.



Political pundits believe 2022 elections is a two horse race between Deputy President, William Ruto, and former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga. The others will escort the two to the polls. Mukisha Kituyi, Gideon Moi, Musalia Mudavadi and others who have declared their intention to join the race to the house on the hill.


Does “System” have a role to play?


The debate on the role SYSTEM will play is yet to be established. However, people such as senatorial candidate for Kisii, Samuel Okemwa, believes that the System will rig in favor of Hon. Raila Odinga. 


UDA supporters have dismissed the system as toothless dog and people with individual interests at heart. The truth will be known after the August 2022 elections. 


Hon. Mukhisa Kituyi left his high level job at the United Nations to come and offer his services to the nation as President. He will need to do more to get a head of the competition. 


Right now it is clear that presidential campaigns is for people with big pockets. It is a show of financial mighty. From the loom of things the two leading candidates have a war chest 🧰 running into tens of billions from private fortune as well as from donors. 


The cost of presidential campaigns is hindering candidates with great ideas such as Mukhisa Kituyi and others. 


Basically, we are forced to only listen to those available even if for some of them  are known for corruption scandals which take away funds meant for provision of services such as affordable healthcare and quality education.










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