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Santiago, the capital city has been named the second most expensive city in Latin America according to a study by a university from Argentina. 


Montevideo of Uruguay takes the lead in terms of price per square meter for apartments. 


An investigation by Torcuato Di Tella University in Buenos Aires reported that Santiago’s property per square meter was USD$2.92. 

Montevideo was $3.15 while Mexico City was $2.53. The said university has been tracking prices of apartments in key Latin American cities since March 2017. 

“The idea is to capture the type of buildings normally inhabited by young professionals in each city,” the study stated.

“The report is published twice a year and fieldwork captures the universe of data available during the last week of March and September each year.”


Córdoba (Argentina), $1.31; Quito (Ecuador), $1.20; and Bogotá (Colombia), $1.05 are some of the cities with the least price per square meter for properties. 



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