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Lee Schoenherr (82), the Chairman of FloraCraft, a family company which produces foam products has shared $4 million with his 200 employees.


Lee Schoenherr is the owner and chairman on FloraCraft, a family company based in Michigan which was founded in 1946. These bonuses were unexpectedly announced on December 14 during the company holiday luncheon.


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Lee Schoenherr announced that all employees apart from those in management position will receive between $20,000 or Ksh 2 million to $60,000 or sh 6 million in bonuses. The rather will be received by employees who have served the company for over 40 years.


The company has a very interesting history considering that no one has ever been laid off and the average employee tenure is 9 years.


This is a very generous gift in form of bonuses to employees.


Employees of FloraCraft during the Company holiday Luncheon on 14 December 2018
Photo: Employees of FloraCraft (a family company in Michigan) during the Company holiday Luncheon on 14 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all employees of FloraCraft.


About FloraCraft: “FloraCraft is a family-owned and Michigan-based company…world’s leading manufacturer of foam products for the craft and floral industries.” – source: Company website


FloraCraft has an impressive history. Click here for more info about the company.


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