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Cassowary, the most dangerous bird in the world is on sale

According to the Irish Examiner, a large flightless bird that killed its owner is up for auction in Florida. The bird is huge and does not fly.

The bird known as cassowary is a native of New Guinea and Australia. It was just one of the 100 exotic pets that Marvin Hajos, 75, owned before he met his death earlier this month.

Marvin Hajos was attacked by the Cassowary when he slipped and fell while in his compound. This exotic and rare bird will be sold at the Gulf Coast Livestock Auction in fulfilment of the owner’s dying wishes.

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San Diego Zoo describes the cassowary as “the most dangerous bird in the world.” This is due to the four-inch claw on each foot which resembles a dagger.

The cassowary is reported to have the ability to use this claw to slice any predator in just one quick strike. This strange bird can grow to a height of over two meters. They weigh averagely 60 kilograms.

The cassowary cannot fly but it can walk very fast. If you come across this bird, do not get too close to it because it can attack you.

The bird has been on the surface of the earth for at least 10,000 years and it is believed to have descended from prehistoric birds that lived in Gondwana.

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