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A camel has been beaten to death by locals after it allegedly bit off the head of the owner.

The owner, Sohanram Nayak, was trying to recapture the camel after it broke free from where it was tied by a rope. It was trying to chase down another camel in the village.

The camel bite the owner’s neck threw him to the ground and then proceeded to ‘chew off his head’ according to The Times of India.

Villagers were angered and took sticks and tied the camel to a tree and beat it to death. The victim’s family members were also involved in beating the animal.

Rajasthan, a state in India, had banned the injury or slaughter of camels in 2015. A new law known as the Rajasthan Camel Bill 2015 was enacted in parliament. Those who violate the law can be punished by being sent to prison for a term up to five years.

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