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BYD is a high tech company which was founded on February 1995.

They have interests in rail transport, electronics, new energy and automotive. The company runs many projects across the world.

BYD manufactures electronics, passenger vehicles, rail. The company has established 30 industrial parks in 6 continents.

Examples of BYD projects:

  • Established the first and largest electric bus factory in North America
  • In 2000, BYD became the official ion batteries supplier for Motorola
  • 2002, BYD became a supplier of ion batteries to Nokia
  • BYD produced their first plug-in car in 2008;
  • Sep 2010, Bill Gates, Charles Thomas Munger and Warren Buffet made a four-day visit to BYD;
  • In 2015, BYD won a £660 million bus contract in the United Kingdom to make double Decker buses
  • BYD has sold 1.8 million new energy vehicles worldwide





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