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A British man died after being thrown from his yacht when it hit rocks off an Italian Island has been identified as a millionaire company director. 


Dean Kronsbein, 61, was on the deck of his yacht Amore with his wife and daughter on Sunday when the yacht hit the rocks and the owner was thrown out onto the rocks.


Kronsbein was pulled out of the water by a yacht flying a Maltese flag. They attempt to save his life in vain. He was declared dead onboard.


The millionaire’s wife Sabine, 59, and daughter Sophia, 27, were seriously injured and rushed to hospital at Olbia. Later they were transferred to Sassari. 


Kronsbein owns Ultrafilter Medical company based in Ross-onWyre. The firm has specialized in distribution of masks and medical equipment. 


Last month Mr. Kronsbein hosted a party at his seven-bedroom home for Bentley Drivers Club which was attended by his close friend Richard Hammond- a TV Star and Prince Michael of Kent. 


The police are currently investigating the captain of the yacht, Mario Lallone- he will be interrogated later today. 



‘I was contacted by Mr Kronsbein’s son to help them with the situation, and I am giving them all the assistance I can.


‘The local authorities are still investigating the exact circumstances and we will also be speaking to witnesses to establish what happened.


‘Mr Kronsbein’s son Dustin flew out from England when he heard the news and he has been with his mother and sister. They are both very seriously hurt and are receiving significant medical treatment in hospital,’  family lawyer revealed. 


One source said: ‘The theory is the boat that ran aground was trying frantically to steer out of the way of another which didn’t have right of way and she ended up on the rocks.’


The yacht is registered in Monfalcone near Trieste (Italy). The coastguards released a picture of the rocks struck by the yacht and white paint from the hull could be seen on the surface of the rocks. 


‘It’s possible speed may have been an issue and we know that other vessels were in the area at the time and the accident may have happened while evasive action was taking place.


‘Two coastguard vessels were involved as well as several other pleasure boats in the area at the time.’


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