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Approximately 300,000 passengers were affected after the pilots at British Airways went into a strike which lead to rise in airfares by 2,200%. For example during the normal times, flying economy from London to Cairo cost £415 but after the strike the tickets for this route were selling at £2,502. 

The Pilots’ union, BALPA, announced the industrial action in demand for increased pay. The pilots are not satisfied with 11.5% salary increase. They want more out of the every increasing profits made by BA. For example in 2018, British Airways made USD$2.5 billion as operating profits. 

British Airways (BA) advised all passengers who were scheduled to fly on 9th and 10th September not to report to the airport because there could be no flights. 

The Pilots are planning another strike on September 27. The current strike is estimated to cost the airline approximately $49 million every single day. Therefore, the three days scheduled for strike will cost the airline a total of $148 million. 





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