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The Billionaire Gupta family has a net worth of $2.9 billion. The family has a large stake in Lupin Limited, a pharma company in India. The pharmaceutical firm was established by the late Desh Bandhu Gupta. The founder was a professor of Chemistry.


The late Gupta set up the company in 1986 for the purpose of manufacturing anti-TB drugs. His son Nilesh and daughter Vinita are currently running the company from Mumbai. The top markets they serves are India and United States of America.



The company name, Lupin, is named after a hardy flower that does well even in barren soil.


The company started by producing folic acid and iron tablets for the Indian mother and child program. At some point the company was the largest anti-TB drugs manufacturer in the world.


Gupta  (company founder) died in June 2017. His position as chairperson was replaced by his wife, Manju Gupta.

Gupta Family

Lupin Limited has a subsidiary in the USA known as Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc. Lupin Limited has operations in Japan, France, Germany, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Latin America and Mexico among others.



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