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A Belgian prince who broke Spain’s lockdown rules by attending a party in Cordoba has been fined €10,400. The BBC reports.

Prince Joachim, 28, travelled to Spain on 26th May for internship and attended a party two days later in Cordoba, South of Spain.

He failed to observe a two-week mandatory quarantine for all international arrivals that was imposed on May 15.

27 people attended the party thus flouting Cordoba’s lockdown rules. Gatherings of more than 15 people were banned in Cordoba as a way of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

All the 27 were placed in quarantine as police launched investigations.

Prince Joachim tested positive for the virus and was said to have mild symptoms of Covid-19.

He has since apologised.

‘’I deeply regret my actions,’’ He said in a statement late last month. He added that he would ‘’accept the consequences’’.

Prince Joachim has 15 days to pay the fine.

Prince Joachim is a nephew of Belgium’s King Philippe.

More than 27,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported in Spain since the onset of the outbreak.

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