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Andrew St Pierre White is a prominent 4×4 writer, commententor and travel film maker. 


Many people who know him call him The David Attenborough of 4WD. 


In 1993, Andrew published The Complete Guide to Four-Wheel Drive in Southern Africa. This is what made a mark for him in the world of overland vehicles. 


He also established his website He has so far written a total of 15 books on the same subject of overland vehicles. 

Andrew lives in Australia. For38 years, Andrew has been a constant fixture on TV and recently on YouTube. 


Andrew works with hundreds of clients such as NedBank, Lion Lager, Toyota, Castle Lager, Ohlsonn’s Lager, General Tyres, United Bank, Rembrandt Group and many others. 


Andrew St Pierre White is also a keen aviation film maker. 


At the age of 22 years, Andrew purchased his first 4×4 truck and at 24 years old he won his first international award for film editing. 


He owns some of the best cameras which are broadcast compatible and affords him the best standards of video shooting to make sure his followers on YouTube enjoy the best content ever. Netflix-approved cameras for shooting series. 


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